Our Program - golden retrievers

For those who want the best and know that there is a difference

We take careful measures in our program to ensure that all of our breeding dogs have that wonderful “Golden” temperament first, and foremost as well as their health clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, heart and Genetic DNA testing so we can produce structurally sound, healthy, quality puppies.  Nutrition and environmental factors are as important as genetics so we ensure our puppies are given the best start.  

Our girls are bred at age two or older depending on maturity and will typically have 4 litters in their lifetime. We only confirm pregnancy by ultrasound and never do x-rays to count the puppies.  While research shows the risk of exposure is minimal it is still controversial. We prefer not to unless the benefits outweigh the risks. 

Our litters are born and raised inside our home and receive extensive handling and care until the day they become a part of your family at 8 weeks old. We use Early Neurological Stimulation on day 3 through 16 and incorporate both Puppy Culture and Avidog into our program to provide maximum rearing benefits and socialization.  Our care for puppies includes extensive handling, grooming (nail trimming, brushing), car rides, introduction to a pool (late spring & summer), and have started their housebreaking and simple obedience including house rules. Our mothers are always allowed to be with their babies until they go to their new home. Raising puppies is a full-time commitment. Our puppies are never left alone and they are attended to 24/7.   

We keep daily records on growth, milestones, along with notes on each puppy. We will share these notes with you when choosing your puppy and include this information in your puppy packet.

We don’t take any risks with exposing our puppies to diseases therefore we don’t allow visitors for the first 5 weeks of our puppies’ life. We also do not take our puppies into our Veterinarian’s office, rather we have our Vet come to our home for their immunizations, microchip and wellness exam. We go to an extreme to protect the litter and we will ask you to comply to specific conditions when you do visit.  

 Please do not bring any pets with you on the day you visit. 

 If you have been exposed to any sick animals the day of your visit please reschedule.

 We may ask you to wear a shoe covering and disposable gown that we will supply.

By protecting our litters from disease that can be brought in by visitors, we are protecting your puppy. We thank you for understanding the health and safety of our litters and hope you see this as a positive quality. 

While very light cream color is our breeding preference we will never sacrifice our main goal to breed Golden Retrievers that possess soundness in temperament and health that is reflected in the breed standard. 

Our puppies come with:

AKC Limited Registration

Age appropriate vaccines given by our vet

Veterinarian medical records



Starter bag of Royal Canin Food

Starter supply of NuVet Vitamins

 1 to 2 year warranty

 Blanket with mother’s scent, toys, etc.

 Lifetime breeder support.