Ch. Solid as a rock fairy princess




Dilly is an import from Swanavly Goldens in Serbia.  We will always be thankful to her breeder, Silvana Vuckovic for trusting us with her beautiful ladies.  

Dilly is a very strong, lean and solid girl.  She weighs approximately 74 lbs and has a beautiful straight, cream coat.  

She loves to play outside and watches closely for intruders such as a squirrel or rabbit.  She is quick, focused and on a mission to "guard" our yard.    She loves the outdoors no matter rain, sleet or shine.  Always the first one out and the last to come in.  

Ch. Swanavly champagne moet




We are grateful for the opportunity to own this girl from Silvana Vuckovic at Swanavly Goldens.  

Sherry is approximately 75 lbs with a very light coat and flowing feathers on her legs.  She is very gentle and has a feather touch if she jumps to greet you.  

She is the queen of our house and loves to be pampered as a queen would expect.   We do all we can to live up to her expectations.  

If anything is out of place she will be the first to let us know.  While she is as gentle as can be she is also a protector of our family.  When they say that a Golden is not a good watch dog, they forgot to tell Sherry.  This girl is as loyal as they come and we love her desire to protect us.  There is not a mean bone in her body but she is observant and watches out for our family.  Truly an amazing girl that we are over the moon to have a part of our family.

Lake Country Tequilla Sunrise



Daphne comes from an amazing pedigrees with European lines that include Ashbury, Zampanzar, Dewmist, Erinderry and Stanroph. 

She is approximately 70 lbs with a beautiful light colored coat.  She is petite with a strong build and a blocky head. 

She has so much character but yet laid back.  Daphne will drop down on her back when she sees anyone to make sure she gets a belly rub and of course we have no problems with honoring her request.  

THEVEnet light for your life



Vaida came to us from Thevenet Kennels in Spain when she was only 3 months old.    Her sire is Vestafjells Magic Elf who holds two World Dog Show titles in 2014 and 2015.  

Vaida grew up and lived in our home until my youngest daughter graduated college.  Vaida now lives with my daughter in Jacksonville, Florida however will visit  us for several months during the year so we can breed and assist whelping her litter.   We love having her back home and when she is here it's like she has never been gone.  

She is large boned, weighs 80lbs and has a lush cream coat.  She is always playing with her pal Daphne so there  is never a dull moment when they get together.  She loves to swim in the pool, lake or play in a mud puddle.  She doesn't mind being dirty and I think she prefers it that way!  Vaida is always smiling and will "talk" to us when she needs something. 

Swanavly Kings Trinket



Amanda was bred by Silvana Vuckovic at Swanavly Kennels.  We are very happy to co-own her with Silvana.

She traveled a long way from Europe to live with us in 2018.  She has settled in well and loves it here in our golden paradise.  

She is a medium frame girl weighing about 72lbs.  She has a very light, soft coat and a nice boxy head.


She will be four years old in October 2019.  Her first litter ever of seven puppies was born on March 8, 2019.   She is a mature girl who took to being the perfect mother quickly.  Motherhood was definitely in her calling.  




Lissie came to us when she was only 12 weeks old all the way from Australia.   Such a long journey for this girl but it never phased her.  She has been resilient from day one!  

She is about 80lbs.  A larger girl with a beautiful blocky head, very light coat and excellent bone.  Her pigmentation is perfect with a rich black velvet nose.  We have even been asked if we put on her eyeliner every day.  

She is ever-so-sweet and has an incredible spirit.  She loves to have fun but also enjoys to be curled up next to us watching TV.  She is a no-fuss, quiet, loyal girl with her tail always wagging.